Reliability Wins!

A month ago I asked for feedback from faculty at Palomar as to their preference for less scheduled system outages or less liklihood of system failures… and got back only two responses.  So, with 100% of responders in favor of more frequent scheduled system outages, our planned outage schedule has changed.

Instead of Reboot Wednesday coming on the first Wednesday of every month, Reboot Wednesday is now every Wednesday!  At or around 6 AM each Wednesday morning, the Palomar Blackboard system will be restarted.  This process may around an hour, although we will obviously take all steps we can to minimize the downtime.


2 Responses to Reliability Wins!

  1. Karen Korstad says:

    David — you are a wise man. From personal experience, I think this will help you greatly in speeding up your server & keeping it running. — Karen

  2. David Gray says:

    @Karen I’m hoping so. We haven’t had a great deal of failures on the system, but I’d far prefer “none” to “few”, particularly around finals time.

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